About Us

The Blueprint

Pilates Blueprint is a boutique fitness studio that offers Private and Semi-Private Pilates instruction as well as group Pilates Mat and Vbarre classes.  Our mission at Pilates Blueprint is to enhance the lives of our clients through healthy movement in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Our philosophy is that we provide the Blueprint to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Our certified instructors tailor each workout with your specific plan and needs in mind.

Our style is based on two methodologies: Classical Pilates and Vbarre.  Pilates Blueprint is committed to honoring the integrity of the work of Joseph Pilates by teaching authentic, classical Pilates.  We are also passionate about promoting our love of movement through our Vbarre classes that are designed to trim, tone, and transform the body.

Pilates Blueprint is the flagship studio for Vbarre as well as the Regional Training Center for both Power Pilates and Vbarre education.  We are proud to share our love of Pilates and Vbarre with aspiring instructors and host workshops for both professional teachers as well as clients.

Without exception, each of our instructors at Pilates Blueprint is a Power Pilates certified instructor, who has completed a minimum of 600 hours of apprenticeship.  It is widely accepted that Power Pilates is the standard of Pilates Education. Dr. Howard Sichel and Pilates Master Teachers Bob Liekens, Susan Moran, and Phoebe Higgins, founders of Power Pilates, were each trained by Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates’ students, who continued to run his studio after his death. Our very own Veronica Combs is one of only 4 senior level Power Pilates Teacher Trainers in the world!

Pilates History

Originally termed Contrology, Joseph H. Pilates developed his method of exercise in the early 1900s. He was greatly influenced by the era of the Physical Culture movement that originated in Germany, England, and the United States in the 19th century. Pilates’ vision was to create a balanced body, free of weakness to allow one to function with ease during daily activities.  The primary principles of the Pilates method are stabilization, concentration, coordination, precision, breath, and flow.  The benefits of Pilates include:

 Increased core strength

Enhanced spinal and joint mobility

Improvement in posture

Better balance and coordination

Joseph Pilates opened his first studio in New York City, with his wife Clara, in the mid-1920s. Steadily, practitioners of Pilates have opened studios across the world, training millions of students. Practicing Pilates will give you the strength and skill to enhance all of the other activities you participate in such as golf, dance, athletics, or Crossfit. Today, you can find elite Olympic and professional athletes from all disciplines supplementing their respective sport’s training with Pilates.


The Pilates promise states “in 10 sessions you feel a difference, in 20 sessions you see a difference, and in 30 sessions you have a new body” -J.H. Pilates